Import and Export offers many opportunities because the economy is constantly growing and transport costs are increasing, so it is logical to look for new opportunities abroad.

Import and Export demands a lot from you and your company, both strategically and practically.
Ask yourself what am I missing? What do I need? How do I find existing suppliers and how can I get in touch with them?

Our Global Goods team has experience uniting these two markets through supply and demand, as well as culture, product warranty and transparency.
Our team employs specialists who know the culture of the country but who can also communicate very well and clearly in other foreign languages.
If you do not know the culture and do not speak or understand the language, any attempt to enter a foreign market is practically impossible.

We act as an independent consultancy but also as a platform. Global Goods BV has European experience in import-export with proven results.

The distinctive character of Global Goods BV lies in the unique combination of knowledge about Import-Export, marketing, communication and sales.
Global Goods BV can model your activities abroad. We provide full guidance in all phases of the import-export process, fully adapted to your specific needs


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